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African Greys are the most intelligent of the parrot species, a fact which becomes evident upon observing their behavior.


African Greys are the most intelligent of the parrot species, a fact which becomes evident upon observing their behavior. Many grey Parrots grow to be extremely sweet and affectionate toward their pet owners, and the species is known for being quite sociable. But an African grey that is bored or neglected is an unhappy bird, and it will not hesitate to air its offense when given the opportunity. They are known as a Non-loud screamer, reserving much of this instinct for talking and chattering. It can be good for owners having apartments or condos, although some individuals will prove problematic in this environment. Congo African greys swagger shiny black beaks and bright red tail feathers

The Congo African Grey parrots are a wonderful breed of bird. They are commonly between 26 to 32 cm in length and usually around 450g. They are grey in colour, with a solid black beak, and a red tail. The average lifespan for a Congo African Grey parrot is 50 years old, though they have been know to live to around 80 years old.

The Congo African Grey parrots are renowned as being one of the most intelligent birds. Congo African Grey parrots have an excellent ability to talk and to mimic sounds and words. While they are very intelligent, aware, and quick to learn birds, they can also be sensitive and mischievous. Congo African Grey parrots are a very unique, bright bird.



Perches are very important for Congo African Grey parrots as they spend most of their time on them, when they are not flying. The perches should be of varying diameters, though for a primary perch, the Congo African Grey parrots feet should wrap about  3/4  of the way around the perch.
Perches set on opposite ends of the aviary or cage without obstacles in the way is a good idea as it allows for flight.
Perches should be made of varying materials (such as branches from safe trees such as fruit trees, rope).
Perches should be situated so that the Parrot’s tail does not hit the bars.
Perches should not be situated to allow access to the food and water dishes, but not over them, as this can cause hygiene issues.

Congo African Grey parrots are social creatures, they need company of their same breed.
To stop breeding same sex birds can be kept together, or it can be discouraged by not providing a nesting box.
The veterinary advice should be sought if there is any help needed to stop the birds breeding.
Along with company, the Congo African Grey Parrot  needs plenty of space to fly freely.

The Congo African Grey parrots are incredibly intelligent birds, they need plenty of stimulation in the form of interactive toys, puzzles, bells, and varied bird safe toys to keep them entertained.
The toys and puzzles should be sturdy enough and large enough for the Congo African Grey parrot to play with, without it breaking or being swallowed. 
All our Congo African Grey Parrots are well trained, handfeed, vaccinated till date, And they will be shipped and delivered together will all their legal and health papers.
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They are well raised and socialized.

Banded: Yes

Age : 1 Year

DNA Sex: Male

Name : Tobby

They come with all health papers:
*DNA test
*CITES certificate
*Current veterinary certificate
*Health certificate
*Hatching Certificate
*Care Sheet/Fact Sheet
*Diet Sheet


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