Gang Gang Cockatoo Parrot Eggs For Sale


Fertile Gang Gang Cockatoo Parrot Eggs For sale

Eggs comes with hatching incubator hand booklet.

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We sell all our eggs, Only when the eggs are 7 days old.

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The Gang Gang Cockatoo has a relatively restricted distribution in South-eastern Australia. They are mainly found in the higher altitude old-growth eucalypt forests. In winter it may move down into lower altitude woodlands and even into settled areas such as Canberra. Buy Gang Gang Cockatoo.

The seeds of the forest eucalyptus and acacias make up most of their diet, which is supplemented by other plant material and insects. In summer it is usually seen in family groups but may flock together in winter, especially when feeding amongst berry-laden trees and shrubs.

In Canberra, in winter it is especially fond of Cotoneaster and hawthorn (Crataegus) berries and flocks of 20 or more are not uncommon.


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