Young Hahns Macaw Parrot For Sale


  • Status : Available
  • ​Specie :  Hahns Macaw Parrot
  • ​Age : 11 months
  • ​Sex : Male
  • ​Vaccinated : Yes
  • Tamed $ Hand Feed : Yes


Beautiful Young Hahn’s Macaw Parrot. He is 11 months. Talks well and has lots of personality. Love to Cuddle.

CharacteristicCompanion, Cute, Exotic, Fancy, Handfed, Pet, Playful, Talking, Tame

Color   Green

Shipping Notes

We prefer that you pick them up. We can deliver in special cases with the states and uk.

Welcome to Exotic birds  Shop your family-friendly bird store. Every baby that comes is hand fed and socialized daily. It is our goal to provide you a high-quality bird that is the right fit for you. Feel free to contact us On Whatsapp using the WhatsApp app on our website thanks


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